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Nursing Assistant Exam

Nursing Assistant Exam Beginning and Ending Procedures.
Essential behaviors to all CNA skills-Beginning Procedure Actions:
1. Wash hands thoroughly prior to entering room or when in room
Hand Washing: Demonstrating hand washing is necessary and is evaluated as part of the critical criteria.
2. Assemble needed equipment
3. Go to resident’s room, knock, and pause before entering
4. Introduce self by name and title
5. Identify the resident by facility policies and address them by name
6. Ask visitors to leave the room and inform them where they may wait
7. Provide privacy throughout procedure; pull curtains, shut door, properly cover patient as needed
8. Explain procedure to resident; speak clearly, slowly and directly to resident, maintaining face to face contact whenever possible
9. Answer resident’s questions about the procedure
10. Allow resident to assist as much as possible
11. Raise the bed to a comfortable working height

Ending Procedure Actions:
1. Position resident comfortably and in a position of safety
2. Return bed to lowest position
3. Leave signal cord, telephone and water within reach
4. Perform a general safety check
5. Open curtains
6. Care for equipment following policy
7. Wash hands
8. Let visitors know they may return
9. Report completion of task & observation of any abnormalities
10. Document action and observations