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Hospice Aide

The Hospice Aide provides personal care to patients in their homes under the general direction of registered nurse. Most patients receive hospice care in their own home, although it can also be provided in other facilities as well. The hospice aide spends the most direct patient care time with the patient and the family and can contribute very beneficial information to the team during the development and update of the patient plan of care.

Hospice Aide Responsibilities

-Assistance in ambulation or exercises.
-Hospice aides must report changes in the patient's medical, nursing, rehabilitative, and social needs to a registered nurse.
-Hospice aides must also complete appropriate records in compliance with the hospice's policies and procedures.
A Hospice Aide knows and understands the Hospice Philosophy, assists the client or family in the achievement of physical and emotional comfort according to the patient's plan of care, assist patient in coping with terminal care.

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What do you need to be a successful hospice aide?
-Successfully complete one of the approved training programs for hospice aides.
-Be aware of the requirements for nurse's aides in your State and whether hospice aides meet those requirements.
-Be prepared for competency evaluation by the hospice aide supervisor.
-Be aware of the duties of a hospice aide and be prepared to deliver the care that patients need.
All hospice employees who have direct patient contact or access to patient records must have a criminal background check.

Where do hospice aides work?

These aides may work in the homes of terminally ill patients; work in inpatient hospice units or a variety of long term care settings (e.g. nursing homes, assisted living and group homes).

Hospice Aides Job Limitations:
The hospice aide will not function in any manner viewed as the practice of nursing according to the Nurse Practice Act. Specifically, the hospice aide will not administer medications, take physician’s orders or perform procedures requiring the training, knowledge and skill of a licensed nurse, such as sterile techniques.

Hospice Aides Working Conditions:
Community home environment, exposure to infectious diseases.

What kind of further education is available?
Many HHAs choose to further their education in related health care fields, including practical nursing (LPN), associate degree nursing (RN), paramedic, or medical assisting.