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Code of Ethics for Nursing Assistants

-Recognize and respect the rights of the aged to a continued life of usefulness and happiness.
-Help preserve life, ease patient’s suffering and work toward restoring health to all.
-Consider all needs including social, physical, emotional and spiritual.
-Be loyal to your employer, patients co-workers, and the facility in which you work.
-Practice good health habits in order to keep your own good health. Sound health habits include nutritious meals, sufficient rest and sleep , time for relaxation and recreation when off duty, and prompt reporting of any sign of illness. Periodic health check-ups are needed to prevent illness.
-Be neat and well-groomed at all times while on duty and pay attention to your own hygiene and cleanliness.
-Give nursing care on the same level to all patients regardless of their racial or religious beliefs.
Show equal courtesy and respect to all patients.
-Keep all information about patients and families confidential when outside the facility.
-Carry out your duties responsibly and to the best of your ability. Be cooperative and communicative when working with others and show respect for the work done by others.
-Never perform a procedure or give a treatment you are not qualified to perform. Do not carry out a patient’s request unless positive it is appropriate to do so. Always check first with nurse in charge.
-Never discuss your own personal problems and affairs with patients.
Make the patient's welfare and safety the first concern.
Care for your patients as taught to do so, be willing to learn new skills and update old ones.
Be flexible and willing to accept changes in tasks and assignments which will improve the quality of patient care.
If the patient's welfare and safety are in jeopardy by actions of other personnel, you are obligated to make this known. The complaint should be made first to your charge nurse. After one week, if you do not see a resolution to the situation, write your complaint and submit it to the Director of Nurses. You should be informed of steps taken to resolve the situation.
Certified Nursing Assistant provides optimal patient care
Speak Clearly: rapid or accented speech can disrupt communication, especially with the elderly or hearing-impaired.
Speak slowly and clearly using proper grammar as well as correct wording and sentence structure.
Treat the patient with respect: tailor communication to the individual’s level of sophistication and ability.
Maintain professionalism: as obvious as this may seem, confrontations amongst residents, interns, nurses or aids should never be displayed to the patient or family member.
Observe patient confidentiality: sensitive information can be overheard!
Learn cultural differences in the medical setting: each culture is unique . You will interface with a diverse patient population