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How Can I Get My First Certified Nursing Assistant Job?

Nursing assistants are in demand. There are places that are more than happy to hire straight out of the CNA program because they need CNAs badly. 

If you cannot find a job:
1. Work as a caregiver until you have what you need.
2. Ask other nursing assistants if they know of anything or if they can suggest any ideas,: CNA’s and CHHA’s many times find jobs by word of mouth.
3. You can also look for per diem work while you find a full time job.
4.Start ringing up nursing homes asking if they have job opportunities open. Eventually, you will find one if you do enough hunting5. Call the human resource offices or check hospitals’ web-pages to see if they hire nursing assistants.
6. Call the different hospitals you would like to work with and ask them which nursing registry they use. A nursing registry is like a temp agency, and it is easier to get hired with a registry. If a hospital staff member calls off, the hospital will call the registry for a temp CNA for the day. Also registries pay more too. The downside is just that you don’t have set work hours. 

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7. You can try any group homes for children, elderly or the disabled.
8. In some states, CNAs can work in the prisons and that would be under state jobs.
Also, if you are already accepted to nursing school, that can be a marketing tool. Some hospitals will hire you as a nurse aide, nurse tech and will even assist with finances if you agree to work for them as a nurse upon graduations.
10. Keep up with all the most recent openings in the CNA field.