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Nursing Assistants Exam & English Language

Nursing Assistants students are expected to know enough English to complete the examination process. After completing the CNA Training course, they will be eligible for the state CNA certification exam. The questions are in a multiple choice format and in English.
People need to learn the local language when moving to a new country. If someone lives in the U.S and works in Healthcare then he or she should learn to speak the language.
Students are expected to know enough English to follow simple instructions and complete the examination process. Foreign language translators are not admitted to the written or manual skills examination. Electronic translating devices and foreign language to English or English to foreign language dictionaries are expressly prohibited. Some candidates, for whom English is a second language, find the oral examination to be helpful. There is, however, an additional charge for the oral examination unless it is being administered in response to a Request for Accommodation. Request for the oral examination must be submitted with the candidate’s test application.
The Hispanic population is the fastest growing population in the US and they project sometime in the future, there will be more Spanish speaking citizens than English. However, English is used as a bridge between different languages. it is a standard “second language” for people to use to connect with others who don’t share the same first language.

Which Exam to Take if English is Your Second Language
The Written Test is a two-hour test with multiple-choice questions written in English. Candidates having difficulty reading English have the option of taking either an oral or Spanish written exam, but must request these options when submitting their application.

Which Exam to Take
An audio test in English or Spanish may be requested for the Written Test if you have difficulty reading or understanding English. If English is your second language or if you have difficulty reading English, please request the English or Spanish audio test when you submit your application.
However, the Clinical Skills Evaluation requires the applicant to perform randomly selected nursing assistant skills. This part of the exam is administered only in English.