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Nurse Technician Patient Care Tech (PCT)

Nurse technician job is often performed by nursing students or nursing graduates who have not yet received their license. It is an entry-level nursing job and a good one to gain experience and start a career. Nurse technicians, sometimes also referred to as patient care technicians.

Nurse Technician
A number of nurse technician jobs were developed by hospitals or other healthcare facilities specifically for nursing students who wish to work in a nursing capacity while in school. Many nurse technicians work in hospitals and nursing homes and receive an average salary of $27,325.
Patient care technicians generally always work under the direct supervision of a nurse (RN or LPN) or a doctor, reporting to them any problems they may find or suspect with their patients.

A nurse technician performs the following duties and responsibilities: -Observe patients and record their vitals
-Prepare patients’ rooms and sterilize equipment
-Escort patients to laboratories for examination and to surgery
-Maintain unit supplies; restocking and ordering.
-Deliver specimens to lab.
-Assist with patient admission/discharge
-Weigh patients
-Collect and document data for the non-RN portion of the Patient Admission History Form. Nurse Technician training
Sometimes, nursing assistants go to Nurse Technician School before they commit to an RN program. Programs for nurse technicians usually take nine months to complete.