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CNA Exam

Now that you have completed your nursing assistants’ classes, it is time to take your exam. You need to take the exam in the state that you are going to work in order to receive your certification.

CNA Exam
The CNA exam consists of two parts: clinical skills and written questions. The written exam is mostly common sense and covers what you have learned in your classes. The clinical skills cover what you practiced during your classes. Sometimes you may be asked to bring someone as a partner to practice your skills on. Some people have trouble with the written exam and others have trouble with the clinical part of the exam. This is because during the clinical part of the exam someone from the state is always watching you perform your clinical. Try to relax and just remember what you are doing. If you know your clinical skills, you will be ok.

When taking your exam, you will most likely be asked to demonstrate three to five skills like privacy issues (pulling the privacy curtain closed), knocking on the door, transferring a patient from bed to wheelchair.
There are support group sites on the internet for each state. Most of these sites help students that are ready to take their state exam. If these sites boost your confidence and knowledge, then the exam will not be as hard as you think. Each state requires different amount of training and testing time and the kind of environment that you can work in. Be sure to check this out before being certified.