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Audiometric Technicians

Audiometric technicians test the hearing of people of all ages. Hearing can affect speech development in children. That’s why it’s especially important to pick up any hearing problems in infancy A properly trained audiometric technician is essential to success in prevention of occupational hearing loss.
Accurate hearing tests identify early signs of noise-related hearing loss, so that preventive measures can be taken. In order to protect against hearing loss on the job, audiometric technicians advise workers to wear protective equipment on their ears. Audiometric technicians also routinely test these workers for hearing loss by performing an audiogram.

The Audiometric Technician works with families, professionals, agencies and community members in addressing the hearing related needs of the community. Work is performed at various sites including but not limited to the health units and hospitals.
Audiometric technicians may work in private health clinics, occupational health clinics, large companies and manufacturing plants. Mobile testing is also performed. Technicians can be hired as employees or contract out their services.
Many people, such as nurses, occupational health workers and hearing aid dispensers, may be trained as audiometric technicians. They would do the work as a part of their regular job.