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Blood Bank Technologists

Blood bank technologists collect, analyze and prepare blood for transfusions. These highly trained health workers help ensure that blood products are properly typed and labeled and free of disease.

Blood bank technologists duties:
– screening potential blood donors to eliminate people who have certain health issues that could endanger a transfusion patient
-testing for blood group antigens, compatibility and antibody identification;
-investigating abnormalities such as adverse responses to transfusion;
-screen for health risks such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
-draw, type and separate donated blood into its components, such as platelets and plasma
-blood collection and processing, including selecting donors, drawing and typing blood, and performing pretransfusion viral screening and confirmatory tests to ensure the safety of the patient.

Blood bank technologists work in many types of facilities: transfusion services, community blood centers, hospital blood banks, transplantation laboratories, university faculty. Some weekend and night duty, including emergency calls, may be required.