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Cytogenetic Technologists

Cytogenetic technologists study the morphology of chromosomes and their relationship to disease. Cytogenetic technologists spend a majority of their time at work looking through microscopes. Cytogenetic analysis provides important data for the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of genetic disorders and malignant diseases.
Cytogenetic Technologists are employed in hospital laboratories, private medical laboratories, and research facilities. They may also serve as faculty in cytogenetic education programs.

What Do Cytogenetic technologists Do?
-analyze fetal chromosomes in amniotic fluid
-work with physicians to determine the genetic cause of a disorder that affects a child’s development
-examine a blood smear to determine if a patient’s symptoms are because of leukemia
-evaluate the correct method of collection, transport, and handling of various specimen types for cytogenetic analysis
-identify culture techniques based on tissue type and reason for referral
-perform chromosomal staining, microscopic analysis, and karyotyping.