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Clinical Embryologists

Clinical embryologists help infertile patients achieve successful pregnancy because nowadays, many couples are unable to have children due to fertility problems. Embryology is a science which is about the development of an embryo from the fertilization of the ovum to the fetus stage. Clinical embryology is a rapidly expanding branch of reproductive science.
Clinical embryologists work with human embryos. Non-clinical embryologists who work with animal or plant embryos.

Clinical Embryologists Duties:
-prepare sperm and egg samples
-assist in retrieving eggs from females
-analyse and select embryos for transfer
-provide the necessary conditions for fertilization and embryo development in vitro
-facilitate the growth, development, maturation, and preservation of human embryos.
-(ICSI) intracytoplasmic sperm injection: sperm are manually microinjected into eggs using a sophisticated micromanipulator.
-(PGD) preimplantation genetic diagnosis: screen for single gene disorders
Clinical embryologists work in hospitals, medical offices, colleges universities, and private practices.

Clinical Embryologists Salary: $35,622 – $89,266
Healthcare: $37,596 – $91,055
Medical Services: $37,779 – $94,798
Medical Office: $36,894 – $91,106
Physician’s Office: $37,536 – $92,272
Science and Engineering Services: $37,107 – $91,236

Embryology Technologist EMT: bachelor’s degree in science or medical laboratory science.
Embryologist EMG: master’s degree or bachelor’s degree plus graduate certificate in clinical embryology program.
Embryologist EMB: Ph.D. in science or a M.D.