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Forensic Odontologist

The forensic odontologist has become a distinct specialist, achieving a more visible and productive position within the forensic sciences.
Today it is not unusual to observe a forensic odontologist working alongside identification teams at an air crash, gathering bitemark evidence at a crime scene, or examining a victim of child abuse. Forensic dentistry plays a major role in the identification of those individuals who cannot be identified visually or by other means.The forensic odontologist must be prepared to explain the process and justify the findings in court.

To be formally perceived as a forensic odontologist, a dentist should have additional training, especially in relevant areas of the forensic sciences, e.g., oral pathology, as well as anthropology, the basic sciences, and the law. The concept of using dental evidence in forensic investigation has kindled so much interest in the recent past that forensic odontology is even suggested as the single positive identification method to solve certain forensic cases.