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Diver Medical Technician (DMT)| Dive Med Tech

Diver Medic Technicians (DMT) perform a range of advanced medical techniques in an emergency. DMTs assist in the initial diagnosis, tend the patient, administer medication and/or fluids and take control of the situation until a Diving Doctor arrives.
 DMTs are trained to look after the special medical problems of divers, however, not all accidents at dive sites are dive-related. Many times diver medics are called upon to treat burns, fractures and other ordinary injuries.

Diver Medical Technician Responsibilities:
-must respond to the scene in a safe and timely manner
-provides advanced first aid for a wide variety of medical conditions
-provides appropriate transportation by sea or air to a proper receiving facility based on the patient’s condition.
-must be able to carry out clinical examinations and be able to report their findings accurately.
Sometimes professional divers work in remote and potentially dangerous environments. For instance, commercial divers perform such tasks as conducting underwater research, capping off-shore oil and gas wells, fixing or laying pipeline, and splicing or repairing telecommunications cables that lie on the ocean floor. If injured under water, these divers must be brought to the surface using high-tech pressurized chambers, a process that can take hours. To protect these workers and ensure their prompt treatment in case of a medical emergency, Diver Medical Technician are present at all employer sponsored dives. Dive Medics are required on-site in all offshore diving.

Diver Medical Technicians are specifically trained for the various diving hazards and precautions found on remote work sites. (barotrauma, treatment of decompression sickness).
Advanced Diver Medical Technician operates a Hyperbaric chamber using treatment tables and O2 to treat dive injuries. It is envisioned that Diver Medical Technicians will soon be seen as a required member of crew for the remote recreational diving boat and will lead to a rise in the overall quality of the recreational diver’s activities.