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Certified Anesthesiology Technologist vs Certified Anesthesiology Technician

A Cer.A.T.T. is an individual who has successfully completed both the Certified Anesthesia Technician and Technologist Examinations per the requirements established by The ASATT.
The Cer.A.T.T. is distinguished from the Cer.A.T by additional levels of training and experience.
Entry level positions as anesthesia technicians are available for recent graduates who are not certified.
Employers favor those who have certification as a Cer.AT (certified anesthesiology technician) or as a Cer.ATT (certified anesthesiology technologist).
Anesthesia technologist Competencies
The Cer.A.T.T. must demonstrate competency and/or knowledge of the following:
-Assisting the anesthesia provider with intra-operative fluid management including volume resuscitation
-Operating the auto transfusion equipment
-advanced cardiaclife support (ACLS) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS)
– Performing inspection and maintenance of the anesthesia gas delivery systems
– Setting up and troubleshooting the intra-aortic balloon pump.