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9 Reasons for Becoming an Anesthesiologist

9. You can intubate your friends at parties.
8. Have you ever met a happy internist?
7.You don’t have enough ego hypertrophy to be a surgeon.
6. You can comfort anxious patients with, “I know just how you feel. It’s my first anesthetic, too.”
5. Any job where you can drive to work in green pajamas is a cool job.
4. You can park next to rich doctors like ophthalmologists.
3. You can cover your mistakes with Versed.
2. If you get bored on the weekends, you can give yourself a spinal.
1. No office, no overhead, no rectal exams!!!

What is an Anesthesia Technician?
The anesthesia technician is an individual who has not met the requirements to apply for
the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians national certification
examination, or has met the requirements but has opted to not pursue the credentials of
becoming a Certified Anesthesia Technician.
Anesthesia Technician Education: The preferred entry-level education is high school diploma or GED. Previous work experience may be reviewed.