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New Grad CNA Resume Sample

How to write a new graduate certified nursing assistant resume with little applied experience.
Recent graduate CNA resume:
Susan Marx
Glenn Hills Falls, USA
Phone: 000-000-000

I am a newly certified nursing assistant. At this time, I am seeking a position that will allow me to practice the many skills I have learned during my educational process. During my schooling, I was fortunate to work in two different health care facilities as an adjunct to my education. By working during school, it became easier to put the book learning and practical experience in perspective.
Personal Summary:
-Exhibits excellent clinical skills
-Able to learn new concepts and skills
-Familiar with infection control and able to fulfill all of the requirements to maintain a safe environment for the patient
-Excellent people skills as well as writing and verbal skills
-Exhibited good patient skills during my educational process
-Followed the chain of command by reporting any change in patient condition that occurred.
Certified Nursing Assistant training at Midville Technical College (2011)
Passed the state examination in the 90th percentile
Valley Regional Nursing and Rehabilitation center (2009-2010)
Job Description:
-Provided basic nursing related services to the residents
-Provided routine care associated with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, toileting and hygiene
-Maintained a clean environment for the residents
-Reported to nurse in charge
-Obtained urine specimens, vital signs and weight and intake and output of each patient
-Charted vital signs and weights
-Report any significant changes in the residents condition to the nurse in charge
-Respected all aspects of patient rights
-Assisted in maintaining the nursing care plan and suggesting any changes that may be necessary
Clark County General Hospital (2010-2011)

Job Description:
-Assisted with total patient care including feeding and ADL assistance when necessary
-Bathed, obtained and charted vital signs as required
-Reported all significant changes in the patient’s condition as required
-Assisted in the formation of care plans with the nursing team
-Maintained a safe and clean environment for the patients
-Utilized my training with infection control and the use of isolation techniques, as required to maintain a healthy environment for the patient
-Used proper body mechanics to fulfill my obligations