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CNA Career Dissatisfaction

The findings related to satisfaction for CNAs reveal the reasons, which lead to their departure/career dissatisfaction.CNAs from many different areas cited:
-too many patients,
-not being valued by the organization,
-dissatisfaction with their supervisor,
-a sense that they could not provide quality care,
-unsafe working conditions
-and not enough support from peers among the top reasons they leave their jobs.

Some of the most important factors that contribute to CNAs job dissatisfaction:
CNA’s Jobs physically and emotionally demanding. High workload and long hours are major causes of job dissatisfaction. High workloads often lead to stress and burnout. CNAs have high rates of back problems than the general population. Many nursing assistants are single parents, and many frequently work overtime, double shifts, or second jobs in order to support their families. Many struggle with transportation and language skills.
Despite the many challenges CNAs encounter on the job, most are satisfied with their work and would happily choose the same career again.
Many of the reasons nursing assistants love their work cannot be easily quantified, such as professional pride, opportunities for growth, and the satisfaction that comes from making a real difference in the world.