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Sport Biomechanists

Biomechanists are typically employed in research settings and clinical sites, but future growth appears to be in industrial ergonomic settings. Minimal requirement is a master’s degree. Biomechanics is the study of the laws of physics as applied to physical activity, exercise and sport. Sport Biomechanists can be divided into two categories: statics and dynamics, which is the study of moving objects.
Examples of static analysis in sport include standing, different balances in gymnastics and acrobatics and certain resistance exercises where no movement is apparent but large forces may be. Most activities in physical activity and sport involve movement and therefore require the application of dynamics to understand that movement.
Biomechanics explain how muscles, bones and joints react under certain conditions and to improve performance using motion analysis techniques. Through scientific analysis of sporting technique, a sports biomechanists can provide valuable guidance to athletes to improve their skills and ultimately performance.
Sport Biomechanists Salary: $51,000-$65,000