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Radiological Equipment Specialist

Radiological Equipment Specialists are responsible for the safe and reliable installation, operation, and repair of radiological equipment in all areas of a Medical Center including adult and pediatric general diagnostic Radiology, Operating Room, Emergency Room, Orthopedics, Genitourinary, Angiography, Mammography, Computer Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Ultrasound and Digital and Research Facilities; and perform other duties as required.

Radiological Equipment Specialists Duties:
Incumbents perform safety inspections monitoring the performance of diagnostic equipment;
-establish and implement safety and preventative maintenance procedures;
-troubleshoot and repair radiological equipment;
-estimate downtime of equipment in order to reroute patients;
-establish and implement quality control procedures;
-assist vendors in installing diagnostic radiological equipment;
-provide consultative services to departments using radiological equipment;
-establish, maintain and update technical records and establish and maintain an inventory of spare parts for radiological repairs.