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Optometric technicians-Paraoptometrics

Optometric technicians, also known as paraoptometrics,are allied health personnel who serve doctors of optometry by performing routine and technical vision care services. Optometric technicians assist optometrists by performing a variety of tasks involving contact lenses, spectacle lenses and frames, and by conducting preliminary tests on patients. They may also do general office tasks.

They prepare patients for eye exams and explain procedures to them. Technicians may conduct preliminary eye exams and may have patients read eye charts to measure visual sharpness. They may use special instruments to test color vision and depth perception. They may check for myopia and may gauge the pressure within the eye to check for glaucoma . They may measure the corneal curvature, and they may take blood pressure readings. Optometric technicians may also examine and measure the strength of the patient’s current glasses or contact lens prescription. Optometric technicians may help patients choose frames for their glasses. They may suggest colors, shapes, and sizes suited to the patient’s face, hairstyle, and other features. They measure the frames and take facial measurements. They prepare work orders for the ophthalmic laboratories that make the lenses