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Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-Language Pathologists are health and education professionals who treat persons of all ages with speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders. Speech-Language Pathologists work closely with teachers, physicians, psychologists, social workers, rehabilitation counselors, and other members of an interdisciplinary team, but are autonomous and do not work under direct medical supervision.

Speech-Language Pathologists may also work with people who have oral motor problems that cause eating and swallowing difficulties. They use special instruments, as well as written and oral tests, to determine the nature and extent of impairment, and to record and analyze irregularities in language, speech, swallowing and respiration. For individuals with little or no speech, speech-language pathologists select alternative communication systems, including automated devices and sign language, and teach their use.

Speech-Language Pathologists provide professional services in:
• public and private schools
• hospitals
• rehabilitation centers and nursing care facilities
• community clinics
• college and university clinics
• private practice offices
• state and local health departments
• state and federal government agencies
• home care
• adult day care centers
• centers for the developmentally disabled
• research laboratories
• industries
Entry level positions require at least a Masters degree.