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Occupational Therapists Aides

Occupational therapist assistants help the occupational therapist with exercises and rehabilitative services to patients that have been disabled or impaired.

Occupational therapist assistants duties
Occupational therapist assistants work under the direct supervision of an occupational therapist. They deliver rehabilitative services to those patients that suffer from physical or mental impairments. This allows the clients to enjoy a quality of life that has improved and they strive to perform normally in day-to -day living. For instance, workers that have been injured at work, would benefit from occupational therapy.

The occupational therapist assistants help patients conclude their exercise and activity programs that were prescribed and designed for rehabilitative intentions. The assistant may help a disabled person transfer from a wheel chair to the bed or recliner. Occupational Therapists aides make sure that the activities are performed properly and add encouragement and support. This is all done in cooperation with the occupational therapist and the assistant.

Other duties of an occupational therapy aides are to bill the patient’s insurance company, chart on their progress or decline and to let supervisors if their improvement has declined or improved. This information lets the therapist know if they have to adjust their program according to their progress.
Occupational therapy aides work in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. Because of the constant kneeling, stooping, lifting of patients, and standing for long periods, they must be strong. The occupational therapist aides may work weekends or nights to accommodate the patient’s schedule.