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CNA in a hospital environment

Your experience will depend on the type of unit you will work on. You will have more patients than in the nursing home, but more of them are independent. You’ll have a lot to learn.
You’ll have to learn the different procedures to do or not to do with the different diagnosis. For example, the proper way to get a patient out of bed or roll them after hip surgery. You will do a lot of running, there are always admissions and discharges, call bells ringing, vital signs to take, it can be overwhelming.
You’ll learn to be fast on your feet and think critical. Nurses might need a little time to warm up to you, some are really friendly, some take a while. Just keep your cool no matter what.
You’ll have a lot of questions so always ask if you don’t know, even if you don’t want to! It will get better as everyone gets to know you and you prove yourself.

The everyday routine is easy to learn. Just always report anything that looks off to the nurse, report abnormal v/s right away. You meet so many different kinds of patients, you learn from each of them.
If you plan to go to school to be a nurse, this is the best thing for you. Your experience will help big time.When a nurse is doing a procedure or have a patient with diagnosis you’ve never heard of, ask her about it. Before you know it, you’re be so prepared and ahead of the game in class.
It’ll make school easier. Plus some of hospitals help you go to school, financial and schedule wise. You’re making a good move career wise.

You’ll learn the routine, and meet everyone. Just be polite and smile. If you offer to help when you’re not busy, they will love you. Even if you just run by a nurse and ask if you can do anything for them, they’ll appreciate it.