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Can You Perform CNA Duties Before You Are Certified?

If you are currently attending an approved training program in a nursing home, you have 120 days in which to complete the training and become certified. During the four-month period, students cannot perform any duty that they have not been trained and checked by the instructor.
If you are not enrolled in an approved facility training course, you may not perform any nurse aide duties until you become certified.

Q:How do I become a certified nurse aide (CNA)?
A: To become a nurse aide and be eligible to work in nursing homes, you must:
-successfully complete a state-approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program, and
-successfully complete the competency evaluation program examination

Q: I want to know how difficult it is to become a CNA.
 I’m curious about the kind of “test” and courses I would have to go through and if it’s something that is worth it?
A: Well, I’d like to start off by saying it is the most rewarding job!!! I just finished my CNA Training program 4 weeks ago and am now working as a new cna! The training program is pretty easy. Once your Exam comes up you’ll have a test and then you will need to preform 4/6 skills in front of a Red Cross Examiner. The written test is very easy it’s basically common sense questions. Lots about Infectious Control. And my skills test was very easy as well, as long as you study hard and stay positive you’ll do great. It’s very important to remember these 3 indirect skills. Communication, Rights, and Safety! Hand washing is very important and the privacy of the residents. The 4 skills that I had to preform were Hand washing, re-positioning patients, Assisting with bed pan, and Range of Motion. I really encourage you to take this program it is a great learning experience and it’s so rewarding to be able to help individuals in such a vulnerable time in their life’s.