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Definitions for CNAs

“Abuse” means any intentional physical or mental injury or sexual assault on a resident of a facility; by any person.
“Deemed” means meeting specified requirements to qualify for other categories of nurse aide certification.
 “Educational based program” means a nurse aide training and competency examination program sponsored by a State approved educational entity including, but not limited to, vocational technical schools, schools of higher learning or State certified educational facilities.

“Employer based program” means a nurse aide training and competency examination program sponsored by, or offered in, a nursing facility, a residential care home, an adult day care center, a home care agency, or a specialized facility.
“Entity” means the provider of a Department-approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program including but not limited to an employer based or an educational based program provider.
“Misappropriation of property” means the taking, misapplication, deprivation, transfer, or attempted transfer to any person not entitled to receive any property, real or personal, or anything of value belonging to or under the legal control of a resident or client without the effective consent of the resident or client or other appropriate legal authority, or the taking of any action contrary to any duty imposed by federal or state law prescribing conduct relating to the custody or disposition of a resident’s/client’s property.
“Mistreatment” means a negligent act or personal wrong against a resident or client which causes the resident or client actual physical pain, discomfort or mental anguish. This type of personal wrong does not necessarily have to present external or visible signs of existence but does not include actions which are unavoidable.
“Neglect” means a failure to provide adequate medical or personal care or maintenance which results in physical or mental injury to a resident.
“Reciprocity” means the process that allows a certified nurse aide from another state to be listed in the Department’s nurse aide registry.
“Reconsideration” means a process that allows an applicant to obtain reconsideration of an adverse decision on an application by submission of clarifying materials to the original decision-making body.
“Registry” means a Department maintained list of individuals who have successfully completed a nurse aide training and competency examination program or a competency examination program approved by the Department or who have been deemed or waived to meet the requirements.
“Waiver” means a process that allows an individual with acceptable qualifications to be placed in the Department’s registry without meeting other required qualifications.