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Vision Care Technologist

Vision Care Technologist & Certified Contact Lens Practitioner.
The vision care technologist is a licensed optician who can assist specialists of ophthalmology and optometry to provide a full scope of vision care. They are likely to work in medical settings, e.g. a medical office or clinic.
 These eye care professional’s responsibilities will likely include obtaining medical histories from patients, administering diagnostic tests, performing patient testing utilizing computerized and automated technology and assist in specialized pre and post- surgical testing. The vision care technologist must be very personable, comfortable with cutting edge technology and appreciative of the professionalism of a medical setting.

Certified Contact Lens Practitioner measures for, evaluates and selects the proper contact lens modality to correct for visual and ocular diseases of the eye as prescribed by an ophthalmologist and optometrist. Many opticians specialize in contact lenses, while others incorporate contact lens fitting into a general practice of vision care. Possible specialties of the contact lens practitioner include pediatrics, prosthetics and rigid gas permeable lenses. Fitting contact lenses requires considerable skill, care and patience. Skills required for contact lens fitting include a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the eye and specialized instrument procedures.