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Traveling Phlebotomist Red Cross Job

American Red Cross offers traveling phlebotomists jobs for their blood donor collection sites. Traveling Phlebotomists or Collections Techs spend each day working at mobile blood drives.  They perform medical histories, check vital signs, and collect blood from volunteer blood donors.
 Traveling Phlebotomist must balance good technical skills to ensure the safety of the donor and the blood product, along with good customer service skills to guarantee pleasant experience for the donor.

 Traveling Phlebotomist Responsibilities:
-Conduct donor health history screening to determine eligibility
-Perform whole blood collection procedures
-Perform drive set-up, donor greeting, collection set labeling, processing and packing blood, and donor reaction care.
-Work with supervisor and a team of other donor specialists at different locations
-Maintain positive public relations to promote a professional image.
-May operate any Red Cross vehicles.
-Perform vehicle loading and unloading
-Perform other related duties as necessary.
Traveling Phlebotomist Requirements:
–medical assistant or phlebotomy training
-effective verbal communication, and public relations skills
-a current valid driver’s license and good driving record
-basic computer skills
-you must confirm availability for flexibility in scheduling and for overnight travel

Physical requirements may include the ability to lift, push or pull heavy weights up and down ramps and stairs, good manual dexterity, the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time and adapt to long, irregular hours and frequent schedule changes.
Red Cross collects blood during the week, on weekends and holidays. Hotel accommodations & meal stipends are provided for traveling phlebotomists.

Traveling Phlebotomist Salary:
Average pay is about $11 to $15 an hour per hour and often includes an excellent benefits package.
If you’re a Medical Assistant or Traveling Phlebotomist ready for immense job satisfaction working with an organization whose mission saves lives, then bring your heart, mind, and phlebotomy skills to The American Red Cross.