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Nutrition Assistant (NA) jOB

Overweight, and aging population have created an increased demand for well-trained, nutrition paraprofessionals, Nutrition Assistants (NA) These changes and trends mean increased opportunities for the nutrition assistant. Many of Nutrition Assistants are employed at senior nutrition programs, public health agencies, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.
 Nutrition assistants in hospitals supports the patient meal selection, service, and delivery process. Assist patients with menu selectio on assigned unit. Assemble meal tray carts for patient care units and deliver and retrieve patient meals trays and snacks to patient rooms.

Nutrition assistants feed residents of an adult care home. They provide such assistance under the supervision of a registered professional or licensed practical nurse.

If I am currently a certified nurse aide, do I need to take the nutrition assistant course?
No, you are already allowed as a certified nurse aide under nurse supervision to assist with eating.

Will criminal record checks be required if employed?
Yes. Adult care homes and staffing agencies are required to request a criminal record check from KDHE for unlicensed employees. Only certain convictions prohibit an individual from working in an adult care home.

Can the nurse delegate nursing tasks other than assisting residents with eating to nutrition assistants?
No. The only nursing task the nutrition assistant may be delegated is assisting residents with eating. The nutrition assistant may push a wheelchair, but cannot perform tasks that are considered direct care such as dressing, grooming, bathing, transferring, positioning or assisting a resident to walk.