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MusicTherapists Job

Music therapists plan, organize, and direct music activities that may produce behavior changes in persons who have mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. They provide music therapeutic treatment to habilitate or rehabilitate patients in state mental health, correctional, or youth residential facilities, veterans’ hospitals, or schools for the blind or deaf; or to provide rehabilitative services to patients in a community setting.

Research indicates that music therapy is a viable treatment mode even for those who have no musical background or for those who have been resistive to other treatment approaches. Music is considered the best tranquillizer in modern days of anxiety, tension and high blood pressure.
Music beats have a very close relationship with heart beats. Music having 70-75 beats per minute equivalent to the normal heart beat of 72 has a very soothing effect. Likewise rhythms which are slower than 72 beats per minute create a positive suspense on the mind and body since the mind body complex anticipates that the music will speed up and this restored vital energy gives a deep relaxation to the body.
-Music therapy may improve mood and social interaction among patients with acute traumatic brain injury and stroke.
-Music may positively affect the pain experience and improve patient comfort during surgery. There are currently music listening programs in surgical sites of some hospitals. Patients are advised upon admission that surgical patients who listen to music during their time in the hospital are more relaxed, experience less pain, and are not bothered by unfamiliar noises around them.