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Medical Patent Attorney

Medical Patent Attorney/Medical Patent Lawyer is a legal expert who can advise his or her clients as to the application process for obtaining a patent. A medical patent attorney specializes in biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical device patents.
Medical patent lawyers have advanced degrees in degrees in medicine, biomedical sciences and in the patenting of a wide variety of drug therapies. Types of medical patents: medical chemistry patents, nutritional science patents, pharmacology patents, genetics patents, biochemistry patents, enzymology patents.

The term patent usually refers to an exclusive right granted to anyone who invents any new, useful, and non-obvious process, medical device, service, machine, or any new and useful improvement, and claims that right in a formal patent application. A medical patent lawyer works through the patent process on behalf of a person or business that wishes to gain the intellectual rights to a medical device, service or procedure. A medical patent lawyer can also work to dispute claims against the patent and insure that all licensing is in place