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Evoked Potential (EP) Technologists

END technologists who specialize in EP procedures may be called evoked potential (EP) technologists. Evoked potential (EP) is a recording of electrical activity from the brain, spinal nerves, and sensory receptors that occur in direct response to outside stimuli. Special computer equipment extracts a series of waves from ongoing background waveforms. By evaluating the presence or absence of EP waves, and the time they take to occur, physicians can gain insight into the workings of the sensory pathways and the brain.
Using evoked potential testing, technologists measure sensory and physical responses to specific stimuli. After the electrodes have been attached, technologists set the instrument for the type and intensity of the stimulus, increase the intensity until the patient reacts, and note the sensation level. The tests may take from 1 to 4 hours.
Technologists are responsible for performing pre-surgical baseline nerve function and also monitoring during the surgery. When recording in the operating room, they must understand the effects of anesthesia
on brain waves.