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Cardiovascular Technicians

Cardiovascular technicians measure, analyze, and image the heart and circulatory system at the request or direction of a physician. Cardiovascular techniciansay may conduct or assist in electrocardiograms, cardiac catheterizations, pulmonary-functions, lung capacity, and similar tests. They specialize in one of the following areas: Invasive cardiology, echocardiography, and vascular technology.
Job titles: Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT), Cardiovascular Technician, Cardiology Technician, Cardiac Technician, Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS), EKG/ECG Technician (Electrocardiogram Technician), Echocardiographer, Electrocardiogram Technician (EKG Technician), Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS), Cardiopulmonary Technician.

Cardiovascular technician performs tests on pulmonary or cardiovascular systems of patients and relays the data to a physician who uses them to diagnose problems. Other duties may include reviewing and/or recording medical history and maintaining equipment for diagnostic purposes. They schedule appointments, perform ultrasound or cardiovascular procedures, review doctors’ interpretations and patient files, and monitor patients’ heart rates. They also explain test procedures, and compare findings to a standard to identify problems. Other day-to-day activities vary significantly between specialties
Careers and jobs in healthcare continue to grow, and are somewhat recession-proof. Our population is aging, so there are more health service workers retiring and older people who need health care, creating more jobs and job openings.