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Camp Nurses Job

The camp nurse is a registered nurse who provide safe, competent, compassionate and ethical care to children and adults in a fun-filled, natural environment. Camp nurses should be prepared to address the emotional and mental health needs of campers as well as their physical needs. The camp nurse is often the only health-care professional on staff and has a unique opportunity to practice in more autonomous rolesthan she or he may have previously experienced. 

They provide nursing care to adults and children, including those who have chronic or acute illnesses and disabilities, in a camp setting. Camp nurses must be prepared to address a wide range of events, including headaches, sunburns, cuts and scrapes, ankle twists and breaks, water injuries, homesickness, colds, diarrhea and seizures.

Camp Nurses’ Responsibilities:
-responsible for providing care in emergency situations
-stock and maintain an inventory of supplies
-promote best health practices (hand hygiene, sun protection)
-help with preparations prior to camp opening, as well as post-camp cleanup
-document nursing care provided to campers and staff
-responsible for reviewing and updating campers’ health records
-ensure that campers’ health records remain confidential
-responsible for the collection, storage, distribution and administration of medications.
-assist campers in administering their medications
-responsible for contacting parents to clarify any medication instructions or to secure necessary medications.

Camp Nurses’ requirements: in addition to the obvious nursing licensure, CPR professional rescuer certification and a valid driver’s license are the most common requirements. Each camp is a very special environment that offers challenges and wonderful opportunities for registered nurses to add a new dimension to their nursing practice.